Gavin & Carla

A wedding is one, or more, of thousands of things. The one thing it should never be is just another day.

From the moment the planning began: we scoured our beautiful country up and down to find the perfect wedding venue. After searching; it soon became apparent that we couldn’t have it all and we would have to do a lot of sacrificing to satisfy all requirements. That was, of course, until we first entered Red Ivory. Well technically the second time (we arrived on a Tuesday for an impromptu viewing, but no one was there)

We worked with a couple different wedding planners (Eunice and Sam) and the owner (James). But what soon became apparent was the fact that their all shared some core values: care, trust, honesty and organisation. Eunice and Sam were very transparent and very efficient at communicating. James has a wealth of knowledge in the catering business and treats Red Ivory as his own home. He cares deeply for everyone and everything on the property; no detail is too small to escape his eyes and it comes from a genuine place.

We talked and agreed upon every issue that arose. The clarity of planning, budgeting, and care that went into the smallest details certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

Every time we would find ourselves in a flat panic- someone was there to talk to and help find a solution. No problems were too big, or request too small. Suppliers love working there as everything is so well organised. Guests could not stop saying how they wished they knew about Red Ivory when they were choosing wedding venues. It is a magic part of the country with so much nature around you, not to mention you get married in the treetops. You get that feeling of being in an enchanted environment, potentially even more so in the evening.

On the day… What everyone wants to know. Getting married is an extremely special day- and one never to be forgotten. It is also extremely long (but goes by in a second). Inevitably you will not sleep the night before to add to that. So, getting up; you do not want to deal with the lesser important things on that day. You want to focus on enjoying every moment; soaking it all in. To stay present and not be side-tracked by anything other than your partners love.

This was all made possible for us. Neither of us ever had our attention broken or panic button alarmed by anything. We had the most magical day in every way possible. Yes, the people had a lot to do with it. Yes, we had the right attitude. Yes, we planned for the wedding. But nothing should be taken away from what a massive part the venue, the staff, the organisers play in such an important day.

They take away a lot of variables that can go wrong with their experience in wedding planning, their meticulous attention to detail, and most of all their ethos of treating people like people. That goes for clients and their own staff. You can see the staff wanted to be there and enjoyed making your day better too. You as a client are made to feel like you are in fact the only wedding that is going to be hosted there, and that’s important.

I could write a 250 page novel on how perfect each detail of our wedding was; but unfortunately (probably fortunately for some) I just don’t have the time- and plus we have videos and pictures that can do that for us.

But something has to be said for each part I think. The venue is extremely photogenic, great for lasting memories. Chapel- is a breath-taking place to get married. Guests loved it. There was a nice cool breeze blowing across the treetops. The pre-drinks area was incredible- we had a caricaturist and some live entertainment which was ideal. The bar outside is a great place for guests to get the party started while you get some photos done. The reception area is nothing short of perfection. The views, the decor (except the paintings on either wall- seemed to be divided opinion on that), the pond, the walls, fireplace, furniture, all set the scene for the ultimate magical party area. I am not sure how I almost forgot the foooood!! Wow, just wow. We chose menu B and deliberated somewhat over the choices. Little did we know- we couldn’t have got it wrong- everything is just beyond delicious. And very rare for a catering facility to serve hot, delicious and in a timely manner to so many guests. How can we ever forget the honeymoon suite- so incredible (the room speaks for itself when you see it) perfect place to retire to after an incredible day. Everyone of the guests said how nice the accommodation on site was as well. The property is extremely secure as well which is a big thing for peace of mind for all guests.

All-in-all a truly breath-taking day and a huge part of that was everything The Red Ivory team put into it. A wedding is usually only special to the families directly involved. In this case it felt like there was a third family involved (Red Ivory). Thank you so much for making the day as special as it was. Anyone can have a look at our short wedding video for some ideas.

The only thing I regret that it is in the past and not in the future. I wish we could do it all over again- exactly the same.


Gavin & Carla