Tanya & Ruan

Good day Eunice & Team at Red Ivory,

(This is not my review – Will send you a proper one soon  )

This is just our thank you to the amazing staff at the most amazing venue and to highlight a few small things that really separates your service from the rest.

My apologies for the delay in response, I have been meaning to send you an email, but we only got back from Honeymoon yesterday and things are slowly getting back to normal.

First of all, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the excellent service we received from you.
The venue, the staff, the food and every single little thing in between was absolutely exceptional.

From the first viewing (which was our only venue viewing), we were sold – this venue is magical and we booked on the same day – we realized there is no use in doing any further “venue shopping” as nothing would be able to compare.

From booking our date, everything went smooth. The staff is extremely organized.

  • Every single query I had was attended to in a professional and timeously manner.
  • Every email was answered.
  • We always felt welcome and never hesitated to contact you.
  • Eunice attended to all our changes (and there was quite a lot approaching the wedding date) and updated our files and documents every time, without any hassle.
  • The venue accommodated us with every request where possible.

From arriving the day prior to the wedding – we were welcomed and assisted by the staff on duty.
They never allowed me to carry anything, anywhere on the venue – they even took papers from us and carried it to where we wanted them.
They always made sure we have something to drink and that we are fine.
We went out on Friday, and they waited for us to arrive back at the venue and made sure we are safe

The morning of the wedding – the staff ensured that all the vendors, make-up artists and family had something to drink at all times. They assisted with the set up and everything in between. If I turned around there was someone ready to and smiling (Friendly staff is such a rarity these days)

The breakfast was delicious and surely helped us get through the busy day.

If at any time we needed anything, there was someone to assist.

During the wedding:

I don’t even know where to begin.
A guest mentioned to us that there was someone assisting all ladies with heels to walk down to the chapel and this really amazed her.
No one complained about anything.
With the demanding friends we had, no one had to wait at the bar for service – even though the bar was packed most of the evening. (This is really something that annoys us at wedding – waiting hours by the bar)
When my boss fell into the pond, Brandon was there within seconds with towels. (Still don’t know how he got there so quick)
We extended the venue hours numerous times, and the staff remained energized, and happy to serve us with the biggest smiles – and we still felt welcome – even in the weeee hours of the morning.
Everything guests requested was confirmed with us first, even the smallest details (WOW)
A big big big thank you to Brandon, Emmanuel and __________.
We went to bed very late and yet again at breakfast a few hours later, everyone was there helping us with the biggest smiles, ready to assist every request, running around, helping us pack.
Even when my wedding dress started irritating me, Brandon immediately made a plan and got me a plaster.

Everyone was so accommodating.

The guests loved the rooms, the food, the venue, the view, the service, THE ATMOSPHERE!!!

Our wedding really was perfect, and all thanks to you. I honestly believe that no other venue would have created such a magical experience. Everyone, especially Eunice, sorted out all the issues during the day in such a calm manner, and never made me stress about anything.

I will post you a proper review in better English and grammar in the morning once I am refreshed, and would love to send you some screenshots of messages and compliments we received from the guests regarding the venue.

Please let us know where to post reviews – I’ll post it on a thousand websites if I can.

I will send you the banking details soonest as well.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Tanya van der Westhuizen